Azerbaijan Composite Technologists (ACT Co.) started up in 2013, from our beginnings as an engineering company, we work collaboratively to responsibly develop innovative solutions that employ science and engineering to solve some of the Iran’s greatest challenges. Our core values are the cornerstone of who we are, what we stand for and what we do. ACT Co. is a contract development and manufacturing organization that provides products and services to biotechnology, chemistry, petroleum and engineering companies engaged in the development of pharmaceutical products, chemical synthesis, innovative solutions to repair and maintaining pipelines and storage tanks and mechanical properties evaluation, respectively. We owe a huge thanks to our community for joining us along this amazing journey, and we trust that you’ll go on to be a constituent of our report.



New repairing method innovation

We have innovated a new method to repair fuel storage tanks with polymer reinforced composite patches instead of metal patches.

March 2016

Certification Received

We have received an ISIRI 12098 Standard certificate from the Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council for producing nano reinforced structural acrylic adhesive and nano reinforced UV cure able adhesive.

September 2015

New innovation

We have innovated and Manufactured Liposome extruder.

August 2015

New Developments

We have developed our research and field of working with these following groups:
• Design and manufacturing of hydrothermal reactors
• Analyzing and optimization of performance of polyethylene pipes as gas distribution network in different weather conditions

May 2015

Knowledge based Company Certification

We have received Knowledge based Company certificate from the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

March 2015

New reoairing method innovated

We have introduced a new method to optimizing the bonding strength of steel-epoxy composite joints bonded with nano reinforced structural acrylic adhesive.

November 2014

Moved to University of Tabriz

We have devoted our attempts on these following main groups and moved to Technology incubator of University of Tabriz.
• Design and Manufacturing of Polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon) parts and their nanocomposits
• Design and manufacturing of mechanical properties evaluator machine capable of digital data entry and processing

Jun 2014

Company founded

Azerbaijan Composite Technologists is founded in Tabriz, Iran, by Dr. Abolfazl Tutunchi, KarimOsouli-Bostanabad and his colleagues. Greatness ensues.

December 2013