tIn this work, a lightweight double layered composite with excellent, mechanical and electromag-netic (EM) absorption properties was fabricated. The structure, morphology, magnetic and microwaveabsorption properties of prepared samples and bonding strength between the double-layer coatingswere investigated. In order to prepare the composite samples, a multi-step cathodic method employedto deposite magnetite on the surface of activated carbon fibers (CFs) through the reduction of Fe(III)–Triethanolamine complex in an aqueous alkaline solution at 60–80◦C. Our results indicated that,a more homogenous and denser magnetite coating and consequently, improved EM absorption proper-ties could be achieved by multi-step electro-deposition method on CFs comparing to single step method.Furthermore, a porous flake-like layer of magnetite was formed uniformly at 60◦C, while a dense anddiscontinuous layer with globular nano-particles deposited on the surface of CFs at 80◦C.

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